The Chakra Series

Align the 7 chakras to thrive and live a more vibrant, abundant life.

The 7 individual chakras are a part of a whole energetic system, so if one is out of alignment and left unattended, the result will be imbalances in other areas. When a chakra is out of balance or the energy flow is blocked it can cause illness, add more stress to the body, and cause emotional imbalances.

Each energy altering session is focused on one chakra, and is selected to take place during it’s correlating moon phase; to work with the universal energies, beginning with the root chakra and working up to the crown chakra.

Root Chakra: (1/30)

Sacral Chakra (2/13)

Solar Plexus Chakra (3/20)

Heart Chakra (4/10)

Throat Chakra (5/8)

3rd Eye Chakra (6/5)

Crown Chakra (7/10)

Learn about one specific chakra and healing crystals that correspond with it, their metaphysical properties, & how to use a pocket stone to help connect with and align a chakra during meditation. You will be given a healing crystal at each workshop to use, and take home.

Sound Bath featuring 7 chakra harmonized crystal bowls to align the mind, body, soul, and energy systems.

Enjoy a Handcrafted herbal tea blend, to flush toxins and support the body systems associated with that chakra after meditation to help ground you. Option to journal inspirations during that time. (Journal prompts will be offered as well if you’re new to that journey)

Led by Ali Goida

You can register for one workshop or all 7 chakras. Save $50 when you register for all workshops!

$40 each or $230 for all