About Pilates and Yoga during and after pregnancy

Through the second and third trimesters, Pilates can help to build strength and balance to help carry the added weight of your baby while preventing varicose veins and swelling. Yoga can assist in releasing tension and controlling stress, helping you to sleep better and live more comfortably.

After the birth of your baby, Pilates can help you to regain your pre-pregnancy body faster while rebuilding pelvic floor and abdominal strength safely. Yoga will help new mothers cope with physical and mental stresses. Small infants are welcome in private and semi-private sessions, please bring carrier or stroller.

Pilates is the ideal exercise for pregnancy, with focus placed on the transversus abdominis and the pelvic floor. In Pilates, control and precision are a main principle of our movements making it the safest form of exercise during pregnancy.

Strengthen the Transversus Abdominis and Pelvic Floor …

The Transversus Abdominis wraps around the torso like a girdle and supports your spine and abdomen (including your growing baby). It is a key muscle used during tabor as it assists in “pushing.” This is also the muscle that creates a slim, toned abdomen and by keeping it strong you wilt more quickly regain your figure. Strengthening the Pelvic Floor helps to support the growing uterus and battle incontinence while improving sex. Pelvic Floor exercises (including kegels) promote circulation in the pelvic area to help with faster healing and reproductive health. In Pilates we learn how to fully contract and how to consciously release the Pelvic Floor, giving us a new level of control over our newly strengthened pelvic floor muscles.

Prevent and ease joint pain ….

Hormones released during pregnancy allow your ligaments to soften and become more elastic in preparation for giving birth. A side effect of this biological miracle is instability of the joints, particularly those surrounding the pelvis, leading to pain or discomfort. In Pilates, we strengthen the stabilizing muscles that surround joints to create better bone alignment to prevent or alleviate pain.

Maintain good posture, prevent back pain ….

As your pregnancy progresses, the new weight of your baby and your breasts can cause pain and weakness in the tower and upper back by causing the pelvis to tilt forward and the shoulders to slouch and round. Pilates strengthens the core muscles that support our torso and spine, including the low back and deep abdominal muscles, and works with isolation exercises to safely and effectively strengthen the upper back.

Avoid and alleviate varicose veins ….

When blood volume increases during pregnancy, hormonal changes can affect the blood valves, which can cause varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Deep, lower leg muscular exercises can boost circulation and help to alleviate or prevent this.

Reduce shortness of breath and tension ….

The deep, rhythmic breath used throughout Pilates sessions increases lung capacity, which helps with the shortness of breath caused by the ribcage elevating during pregnancy. Pilates uses breathing to assist in movement-control and to release tension and discomfort, which wilt be invaluable during and following delivery.

Reduce and prevent swelling ….

Many women experience Edema, fluid retention caused by an increase in lymphatic fluid, which results in swelling in the tower limbs. The safe and strong, muscular legs actions of Pilates can assist in lymphatic drainage and alleviate swelling.

Find balance and grace ….

As your center of gravity shifts it is common to feel awkward and unsteady. Pilates exercises safely challenge the deep muscles that control balance and incorporate movement techniques focused on using large muscle groups in harmony, helping you to be more balanced and graceful as your body evolves throughout your pregnancy.

Always let you instructor know that you are pregnant and how far along you are that week.

What our clients say about Pre/Postnatal Pilates and Yoga

Pregnant for the first time … your body changes. Your emotions are on a ride, you question so many things. Yoga brought peace of mind, and comfort to my body and spirit … The Yoga asanas brought comfort to aching joints, muscles and a strained back. The breathing calmed my mind and eased my fears. I felt in tune with my body and the sweet baby growing inside of me. (Postnatal yoga) helped me to get my body back into shape plus it gave me the quiet time I so needed with having a little baby. Within weeks my muscles felt tighter and stronger. Yoga and Pilates is the perfect combination for me and I love the variety of classes at the Pilates+ studio. The teachers a re caring and knowledgeable – they make you feel comfortable yet inspire you to work hard.” ~Gina R.

I began doing Pilates at Pilates+ almost a year after having my 4th child. It really helped me fit back into my jeans better and I even had to go buy some smaller sizes. PSO pain returned with my 5th pregnancy but it seemed better after I went to Pilates. I did exercises to strengthen the muscles to keep my pelvis in joint and they helped keep this condition in check. I felt I was in really good shape through the majority of my pregnancy … I felt strong and good through my first all natural childbirth. I returned for post-natal Pilates a few months after my son was born … though I still have 10 pounds left to lose on my diet, I do fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans again. It is nice to feel I am growing stronger with every class.” ~Stephanie W.

I started taking Pre-Natal Yoga at the very end of my first trimester … It was an amazing experience for me. For one hour a couple of times a week, I took time out for me and my baby to bond/connect and to get away from all the daily demands of life. It was so nice to get away from all the “noise” of life and just focus on simple things like the growing baby inside of you, your breath, simple movements through the practice of yoga. It brought an amazing sense of comfort and peace of mind. I loved learning positions I could use anywhere to alleviate back pain, leg cramps, etc. whether I was at home, at the office or during a yoga session. I would leave each yoga session feeling strong, positive, and most important to me, relaxed and with a calm mind.” ~Michelle W.

Postnatal clients must wait six weeks after giving birth or until their doctor approves returning to an exercise routine. We do not recommend class for students with conditions such as preeclampsia, incompetent cervix or placenta previa. If you have high blood pressure or a history of miscarriage, please see your doctor regarding the safety of exercise while pregnant. Please discuss your planned routine with your doctor!