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About Pilates + Yoga

Pilates + Yoga is a Las Vegas boutique studio serving a specialized clientele: you! Unlike a gym or a larger studio, our more intimate setting allows us to adapt to your needs and wants in a calmer, more focused environment. We are committed to each member’s personal practice–regardless of what your wellness goals are.

Our smaller studio contributes to your sense of peace, making for a getaway experience that refreshes and energizes your day. All of our instructors are certified and insured.

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The Studio

P+ Y is a certified woman owned business focused on our community. P+Y isn’t just a space to practice or work out, it’s a community of people who love wellness and support one another.

Our attention to you extends to all the props and equipment. We have all the state-of-the-art props and equipment you could ever want: reformers, bolsters, bands, straps, small balls, stability balls, blankets and more!

Our apparatus studio is stocked with Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformers, Jumpboards, Pilates Arcs, Ladder-Barrel, Cadillacs, and split pedal EXO chairs, considered to be the best available!

Our reformer classes have a variety of equipment and level options. We choose which style to teach based on the number of students who attend and their levels of experience. 

Our yoga and pilates mat studio room is the ultimate light and bright space to practice and connect with your breathe. 

Offering a variety of classes each week at various times during the day, we provide the convenience you crave.

Our Co-Owners

Coming from very different paths, Jillian and Kim make an unstoppable duo. Jillian and Kim have had every relationship–client, teacher, co-worker, and finally business partners! 

The two have come from very different paths that ended up converging. 

Jillian was an athlete struggling to balance her workouts and prevent injury. Deciding to make a career change, in 2016 Jillian purchased P+Y, an existing local business. Kim was postpartum and needed personal time when she started Pilates.

Kim was a Pilates client of P+Y. She loved the community and the studio, so she decided to attend the teacher training offered at P+Y. She excelled as a Pilates teacher and began teaching. With the perspective of a teacher and as a natural leader, Kim began to take on more responsibilities at P+Y, the most important being leading the Pilates teacher training program. 

Kim and Jillian both have a fashion background, which is why all the carefully curated merchandise you’ll see at the studio is fashion-forward and made with lux fabrics. Kim has always been a small business owner at heart, most recently owning a fashion boutique in Los Angeles. She started assisting JIllian with the apparel and accessory buys and expanding the retail assortment at P+Y. 

It was a natural transition for Kim to slowly partner with JiIlian as management. Due to personal reasons, it was time for JIllian to relocate. When it was time for her to move, Jillian thought there was no one better to hand off the business to than Kim. Kim had already proved that her help was invaluable, and she was eager to take on a new challenge. From client-teacher, to student-teacher, to co-workers, Kim and JIllian became business partners. 

Jillian and Kim are committed to making Pilates + Yoga the best studio in Las Vegas!

jillian and kim, co-owners of Pilates + Yoga a women owned small business focused on pilates reformer and yoga group classes and private sessions


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