200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Las Vegas, NV

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course is Certified by Yoga Alliance

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Las Vegas, NV

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P+Y and Mojave Yoga Collective offer a meaningful, experienced-based, and approachable take on yoga teacher training. Here, it’s not about what’s fastest, cheapest, or trendiest—it’s about what’s most effective and what will truly benefit you for a lifetime after you leave our school.

While we can teach you how to say all the right yoga words and look just like a yogi—that’s not exactly our jam. Instead, we focus on implementable research and a well-rounded experience to ensure you walk away confident in your knowledge and empowered with a comprehensive education that has serious longevity.


Here, you’ll find the perfect balance of practicality, approachability, and authenticity. We let ancient roots inform our refreshing approach to yoga teacher trainings—and we’re down to make some serious connections (sans awkward team-building) along the way.

Our mission is to provide you a safe, friendly, and light-hearted atmosphere to explore yoga further. Whether your goal is to become a yoga teacher or simply deepen your practice, we’re here to make yoga teacher trainings accessible for everyone—which is why we embrace smaller class sizes, more intimate discussions, and a balance of intentionality and approachability in all that we teach.

You don’t have to be fluent in Sanskrit. You don’t need to nail a flawless scorpion forearm stand. You simply need an open mind, a willingness to be human, and the desire to roll out your mat, get down, and dig in with us. If ours sounds like an approach that’s speaking straight to your soul—you’re officially in the right place (hey, look at you go).

Our next 200 hour yoga teacher training starts FALL 2023!!!

Yoga Teacher Training Course Content Includes:

  • Posture Breakdowns

Here we’ll deep dive into 55 different yoga postures (or “asanas”) from child’s pose to savasana.

  • The History of Yoga

We’ll explain the history of yoga—complete with all the people, places, yoga texts, and fascinating stories.

  • The Yoga Sutras

You’ll explore the first two books of the sutras and attempt to understand what he was really trying to tell us, how we can teach it to our students, and how we can implement it in our own lives.

  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga

We’ll spend time exploring each of the eight limbs and diving into how we can use the pivotal eight-limb path to add guidance, meaning, and purpose to both our yoga practice and our lives off the mat.

  • Pranayama

Pranayama typically translates as “breath control”. Expect to explore the anatomy of breathing as well as a variety of breathing techniques to incorporate into your daily practice.

  • Practical Anatomy

We’ll dive deep into six major structures in the human body: the shoulder, hip, back, core, arms, and legs. We want you to walk away from our yoga teacher training with an understanding of how each muscle group is both stretched and strengthened throughout our physical yoga practice. 

  • Sequencing

We want you to understand both the similarities and differences between each posture and which will help you create sequences that make sense.

  • The business of yoga

We’ll discuss what it’s like to be a teacher these days, what kind of money you can make, what getting into a studio takes, the pros and cons of pursuing this profession, and all of the other taboo things you probably thought you weren’t supposed to ask or talk about.

  • Practice teaching your own sequences

Right away we try to give you as much opportunity to practice-teach as possible throughout our yoga teacher training. After all, practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes better!

Program Hours:

180 – In class training hours & practice
20 – At home study, homework, observation via videos

*You will receive a list of required texts upon registration in our program.

PLEASE NOTE: All teacher training is nonrefundable. If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing your teacher training program.

las vegas yoga teacher training

200 Registered Yoga Teacher Training

Early bird special!

$2900 until July 31st!*

*payment plan available

Your training not only includes your training time with your instructor! You will also get a 40 class pack which will help you learn and grasp the concepts we have covered in training. Check out our classes here! You will have access to the studio to practice during business hours. If you need students to practice on, we can help you. We want you to succeed and are here to help you along your teaching certification journey.

About your instructors…

Meet Kelsey!

Hey, friend—I’m so glad you found MYC. I believe yoga can be about the moon-howling, third-eye-finding, soul-searching kind-of stuff—or it can be about the physical challenge: the core-strengthening, sweat-dripping, side-planking kind-of stuff. I like to balance both. After rolling out my mat for years, I eventually found myself looking for a way to deepen my practice, which led to attending my first yoga teacher training in 2010: a 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga training with Its Yoga in San Francisco. I’ve since completed a 50-hour Rocket Training with Ashta Yoga San Francisco and, most recently, a 300-hour Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Kranti Yoga in Goa India (I’ll tell you all about the elephants later). 

When I’m not on my mat, you can find me traveling or hiking with my husband and our two very enthusiastic pitbulls, Ella Fitzgerald. I grew up roaming around Red Rock Canyon and am an avid outdoors enthusiast who’s fueled by Biggie Smalls, breakfast for dinner, and big, blue skies.

Meet Smithy!

A 21-year Las Vegas resident, originally from snowy Toronto, Canada (talk about a change), I discovered yoga late in my professional dance career when I realized my body wasn’t loving the stage life as much as I did. What originally started as a method to strengthen and maintain my body—and hopefully reverse some of the damage dancing had done—became a deep love of the practice.

So when I was offered the chance to attend yoga teacher training, I rolled up my mat and leapt in feet first. Training taught me there was so much more to yoga than I ever thought, and I couldn’t wait to share the practice with others in a meaningful and approachable way. Soon after completing my yoga teacher training, I became fascinated with the nervous system in relation to grief, trauma, and stress and dove deep into the vital role yoga plays in the process of moving through difficult experiences and rebalancing the nervous system. Today, I love nothing more than helping others heal, restore, rebalance, and tap into the power of play through the practice of yoga. When I’m not on my mat, I’m most likely snuggling my two fur babies, Zoey and Bob or enthusiastically watching a hockey game (Go Knights Go!).


Stephanie “Smithy” Smith & Kelsey Sellmann


What is Yoga Teacher Training?

Our 200 hour YTT program in Vinyasa Yoga is designed to take you on an inner journey of self-discovery, help you strengthen your personal yoga practice, and share with you the skills you need to teach yoga in a meaningful, impactful way.

There will be asana practice, thought-provoking discussions on philosophy, pranayama, teaching, meditation, and anatomy. You will begin to learn not only what your body can do, but also what your mind can do… and this is where the lessons really begin.
I'm new to yoga, can I do teacher training?

While we do recommend you have some level of familiarity with yoga before embarking on teacher training, you certainly don’t need to be anywhere near a seasoned pro. Practitioners of all levels can benefit from our Teacher Training. All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to play.

I'm not sure I want to teach, is yoga teacher training right for me?

Absolutely. Teacher Training is an amazing way to transform your personal practice and deepen your knowledge of yoga (and of yourself). The desire to teach is not at all essential to the experience.

What are the MYC graduation requirements?

In order to graduate from the program, you must be paid in full and fulfill the following requirements: 
+ Attendance of in-class teacher training sessions 
+ Successful completion of homework, quizzes, mid-term, and final exams (don’t worry, you will be well prepared!) 
+ Participation in a final in-class practice teaching practicum 
+ Completion of class taking requirements

How long is the training?

The training runs for 11 weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) from September 8th until November 19th!

Are the dates flexible?

The training dates are not flexible. In order for everyone to properly plan around their schedules we do not move these dates around.

What happens if I miss a session?

If you must miss a day, or know you are going to miss a day in thr future, reach out to your trainer ASAP. If you have missed a lot of curriculum you can pay the hourly one-on-one training rate to go over the material with your trainer. This usually is very efficient since there are no other students and means you can condense the time you missed.

Why should I choose MYC at P+Y?

ALL of our instructors are certified and insured. Not only do we want you to complete your training, we want you to feel confident in your teaching abilities from the day you walk out of your 200hr YTT course. We give you full access to the studio during business hours. This experience will shape you so that you are well rounded and ready to teach by the time you graduate. You will also receive 40 studio credits to use during your 200hr YTT! This is all included with your training and is not an additional cost.

What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance (YA) is the certifying body for Yoga Schools, enforcing quality and content hour standards. Upon completion of our 200 Hour program, you will receive a 200 Hour Yoga Certification recognized by Yoga Alliance. 

Registering with Yoga Alliance is optional and can be done anytime after you complete your 200 Hour TT requirements through Mojave Yoga Collective.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do offer a payment plan! We also offer early-bird pricing. Please contact us directly for details.

What is the cancellation policy?

A $200 deposit is due upon enrollment to hold your spot. If you cancel 30 days or more before the start of the program, you will forfeit your $200 deposit and the remaining balance will be refunded. If you cancel 14-30 days before the start of the program, you will forfeit your entire deposit and any remaining balance will be refunded. 

These fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cancel within 14 days before the start of the program or do not attend the program, the entire deposit and program tuition are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once the program begins, the program tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

“I came across Mojave Yoga Collective from Google searching 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas! Then I spied on them via social media for about a year ha! I finally reached out, and both Kelsey and Nicki met me for coffee to discuss their training, and talk all things yoga. That personal touch is rare, and I appreciated it so much! I have completed two 200-hour trainings with them, as well as a workshop, and I’d recommend MYC to anyone, whether you are looking to teach yoga yourself, or just learn more about the tradition for your own personal life and practice.”
Becca H


“Taking the 200 hour yoga teacher training course with Mohave Yoga Collective was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. It not only helped me deepen my physical practice but also taught me so much about the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga. My instructors were amazing and I felt prepared to guide my own yoga classes after completing the program.”

Andrea H.

“I can’t even begin to explain how this program changed my life and it doesn’t matter because regardless of who you are or where you are in your journey, this program is guaranteed to change your life as well.

Through the mindful guidance of your instructors you will explore parts of yourself, internally and externally, that you did not know existed. You will accomplish things you never thought you could, and you will see things with eyes that have opened more fully. Smithy and Kelsey will make your new discoveries of yoga fun and interesting and they’ll provide a safe space to do this. Above all, you will have a yoga family and support system for life from both your instructors and your fellow students.

I thought I knew what yoga was and why I was doing it and then I attended the Teacher Training Program with MYC and that’s when I realized that what I knew was only the tiniest drop in the ocean that is yoga.”

– Stephanie S. 


Kelsey and Smithy are so amazing, I can honestly say I never thought I could ever teach but they both shared so much knowledge and encouragement and thanks to that I landed my first job as a yoga teacher. Kelsey extensively goes over anatomy, philosophy, poses and sequencing. I highly recommend mojave yoga collective.”

–Daisy J.

Earlier this year I was looking for a yoga school to take teacher training from. Hearing really good things about Mojave Yoga Collective, my mind was made up. I could not be happier that I went with this school. Kelsey and all the other teachers that helped along the way, made the experience go from nervousness of the unknown, to the best thing I could have done for myself. They are highly educated and have created a program that will leave you with all the knowledge you will need to become a strong yoga teacher. Trust me when I say you won’t want training to end. This is a great school, you meet such wonderful humans and you take away so much more than just a certificate. It truly is a magical experience.”

Kristina C.
“This 200 hour YTT was truly amazing, uplifting, and inspiring. It was an experience of a lifetime for me personally, and I am eternally grateful that I took this opportunity that I felt very apprehensive about. 
The instructors are humble, passionate, incredibly knowledgeable, and kind. They are supportive teachers, who are experts in knowledge and asana practice, their love of yoga was always present, their passion for this art is abundant. I am so glad that I was taught by these incredible teachers, I truly have so much admiration for them all.”
-Paris S.

 Yoga teacher training is not only a great way to deepen your knowledge of yoga, but also to deepen your knowledge of yourself.


Did you know we also offer Pilates Teacher Training?

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