Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training in Las Vegas

Mat Pilates:                         April 5th 12PM-4PM

                                               April 6th & 7th 12PM-5PM


Reformer:                            May 17th 12PM-4PM

                                              May 18th & 19th 12PM-5PM


Chair:                                   June 8th & 9th



Trapeze/Ladder Barrel:    July 13th & 14th



Anatomy:                            August 10th & 11th



Pilates Teacher Training Course Content Includes:

pilates mat

Pilates Mat

Pilates mat is the first module in the Pilates Comprehensive Training. This module will teach you all of the classical mat exercises, the principles of Pilates, and how to format a class. This module will also review the arc/spine corrector and props.  It will lay the groundwork for learning all of the other apparatuses.

pilates reformer

Pilates Reformer

 The universal Pilates reformer module will teach you all of the classical reformer exercises. This module will also cover  spring settings and how to format a class. The module will conclude with jumpboard, and more contemporary exercises.

trapeze table or cadillac reformer

Trapeze Table

The Pilates trapeze table is also know as the Cadillac reformer. This module will teach you all the classical exercises, spring settings, and how to format a class. This course will also review the more contemporary Pilates tower.

wunda chair

Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair module will teach you all the classical chair exercises, spring settings, and how to format a class. This module will also cover the various types of chairs available and how to teach on the different chairs. 

ladder barrel

Ladder Barrel

The ladder barrel module will cover the similarities between the full ladder barrel and the arc. This module is taught in conjunction with the Trapeze Table module. 

Anatomy for Pilates

In this module you will learn about basic anatomy. You will also learn precautions and contraindications. This is important information to make you more skilled as not only a group class instructor, but even more so for private lessons. 

pregnant person

Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates

Pilates is great for people pre and post pregnancy. Learn why and how to practice Pilates safely and effectively. 

Business & Teaching

Becoming a Pilates instructor is a job that has many different facets. Learning the business of teaching is imperative to success. 

Principles of Pilates

 The Pilates principles lay the foundation for the way Pilates is taught. This understanding is essential to to becoming an effective instructor. 

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Program Hours:
  • 100 hours in class, including mat, reformer, trapeze table, ladder barrel, & other props
  • 50 hours at home including study, homework, observation via videos
  • 150 hours of student teaching
  • 150 hours of self practice, taking class, and observation

PLEASE NOTE: All teacher training is nonrefundable. If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing your teacher training program. 

pilates method alliance certified teacher logo

Get certified to teach & take the PMA exam

A 450-hour comprehensive Pilates teacher training in Las Vegas focuses on the Pilates Method including Pilates Mat, Pilates Apparatus/Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, and the Ladder Barrel. The course is based on and meets the requirements of the Pilates Method Alliance. The PMA is the nationally accredited Pilates organization. After completion of the course and testing, you will be certified to teach nationwide. This course is lead by a certified PMA instructor/director and will also prepare and allow you to take the PMA test. Pilates + Yoga teaches a modern approach to the classical repertoire. This course will enable you to teach classical or contemporary Pilates on all apparatuses!

Your Trainers

Kim Tuthill

Teacher Trainer

jillian co-owner of pilates + yoga and program director of the pilates comprehensive teacher training program
Jillian Minter 

Program Director

Kerry on Reformer
Kerry Margolin

Featured Instructor

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Early bird special!

 Your training not only includes your training time with your instructor! You will also get a 6 month unlimited membership which will help you learn and grasp the concepts we have covered in training. You will have access to the studio to practice during business hours. If you need students to practice on, we can help you. We want you to succeed and are here to help you along your teaching certification journey.

Our Pilates teacher training in Las Vegas will insure you are ready to teach any and all group classes & private lessons on every apparatus!

Not sure if teacher training is for you? These are the most common questions we get asked:

Will I be certified to teach when I'm done?

Yes! You will be certified to teach nationwide if you complete the training, your hours, and your test out. 

How long is the training?

That is entirely up to you. We will meet in person for all trainings. It is your responsibility to take classes, practice, and study in between meetings. You will have 6 months to complete your hours and testing. If you need more time, no problem! As long as you communicate with your instructor and are teaching a community class you will have up to a year to finish your hours. You can complete your training at your pace depending on your schedule. 

Are the dates flexible?

The dates we meet in person are not flexible. In order for everyone to properly plan around their schedules we do not move these dates around. 

Why should I choose Pilates + Yoga?

ALL of our instructors are certified and insured. We want you to complete your training. We give you full access to the studio during business hours. If you need assistance to complete your hours we will even put you on the schedule. This experience will shape you so that you are well rounded and ready to teach by the time you graduate. This is all included with your training and is not an additional cost. Additionally, you’ll get a 6 month unlimited membership to take classes so you have the studio time you need to succeed.

What is the PMA?

The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) is the preeminent professional association for the Pilates field. Our training is led and directed by PMA certified instructors, meaning you can take the PMA as well. Many programs are not led by a PMA instructor. This may not matter to you at the moment, however, one day it will if you want to be a teacher trainer or make Pilates a full time career. You want to have the option to take this exam. 

What happens if I miss a session?

If you must miss a day, reach out to your trainer ASAP. You may be able to get notes from a classmate. If it’s a lot of curriculum you have missed you can pay the hourly 1×1 training rate to go over the material with your trainer. This, usually, is very efficient since there are no other students and means you can condense the time you missed while you work one on one with the instructor.

Required Textbooks

All textbooks must be purchased by the student and are not included in the price of training. The student must bring required textbooks to each day of training.  

Did you know we also offer 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training?

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