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Yoga is Your Natural State

Discover the ultimate eco-friendly, all-inclusive Vegas boutique studio!

The Main Reasons to Practice Pilates & Yoga:

Good for Health

Pilates + Yoga is where you can find balance, harmony and energy.

Good for Body

Pilates + Yoga is where you can gain balance of metabolism.

Good for Low Back Pain

Pilates and yoga improve your core strength and are great post injury or for those with pain.

Good for Breathing

Pilates + Yoga improves your respiratory by helping your lungs work more efficiently.

I’ve been a member of Pilates + Yoga for a year and a half.  I was nervous for my first class, a class that ultimately changed not only my body but my mindset around fitness.  From mat Pilates, to barre, to the reformer: every class has me feeling stronger, more confident, and completely comfortable in my body. Pilates was my first love; then came yoga! Now I’ve learned to focus on my mental and physical well-being, with the guidance and support of some of the most talented and educated instructors in Las Vegas. I’ve developed great relationships with the instructors and clients. Class variety, studio atmosphere, amazing instructors, cleanliness, retail…this studio has everything you need.  I wouldn’t be anywhere else! —Julie Henning

My wife and I have been taking Pilates from Jillian for 10 months, I am inspired by her knowledge and capacity to limber and strengthen our bodies, all the while, "Making it Happen Safely"!

My wife and I have seeing amazing improvement in our abilities to stretch and noticeable improvement in over all muscle strength.

I never would have thought I could feel this strong and comfortable with my body as I approach my 72nd birthday!

"More than half-way through teacher training. Loving it. Jodi is a great instructor, very accommodating. I was worried about my work schedule conflicting with training, but she has worked around my conflicts. All of the instructors are there to help me when I have questions and Jodi has made herself available to answer all my questions. Learning mat, reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, ladder barrel, and spine corrector. Enjoying every class I have attended so far and feeling stronger every day!" - Mary O.
"Las Vegas Pilates + Yoga has been a great addition to my off season training! It is an amazing way to strengthen core and stabilizing muscles while being very easy on the joints. I highly recommend Jillian and her great staff to anyone...from pro athlete to the everyday person trying to better their health!" - Evan H
"The team at Pilates + Yoga have done a terrific job of transforming my body after a 7+ years long concerted effort on my part to lose 75 pounds. Over the past few months, Jillian, Tetiana & Jodi, each with their own unique style, have helped me bring back a core I didn’t know I had. I can’t recommend them more! WOW!" — Chris H.

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