Corporate Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Classes

Corporate wellness solutions for your next conference, team-building activity, or local Las Vegas event. 

Conference attendees can be fatigued by travel and long hours, leaving them feeling distracted, stressed, and unproductive.

Adding a corporate yoga, pilates, or meditation class to your event is the answer!

corporate yoga class on the las vegas strip
corporate meditation class on the las vegas strip during a conference


Yoga, pilates, and mindfulness can help people focus so they can retain information and get the most out of your event.

Consider booking a corporate yoga, pilates, or meditation class for them! Let Pilates + Yoga be your wellness partner and give your attendees the wellness break they need.

Physical activity can help maintain focus and increase productivity, and the deep breathing of yoga and meditation helps improve memory and mental acuity.

At Pilates + Yoga we set up at your conference or event to teach yoga, pilates, and/or meditation. We offer single sessions or packages and can provide you with options for class offerings.

Comfortable exercise clothes work best for yoga or pilates, but meditation can be done with no special attire!

You provide the space (a meeting room, break room, or quiet outdoor space), and Pilates + Yoga can provide yoga mats and blocks. Bookings can also be done at the studio subject to availability.

Please fill out the form below or call 702-202-1200 to book your Corporate event.

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