Pancha Kosha

April 17th at 2PM. $35 – Spots limited!

This class is a journey through the 5 layers of the body (Pancha Kosha).

Pancha Kosha refers to the 5 layers of being that encompass all aspects of existence – from the gross physical layer through to the level of ethereal ‘Bliss’ that lies deeper underneath -a quality that can be thought of not as an ecstatic happiness or even joy, but a steady state of being, no matter what circumstance arises. Bliss is wholeness, presence and a merging of the moment with yourself, beyond thought and full of peace.

This workshop will start with the physical body using flow and movement and working all the way through energy, mind and knowledge using breath and meditation techniques, as well as Yoga Nidra, to end at the final layer, Bliss. It will be an all-encompassing feel-good workshop with some yogic theory and philosophy too.

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to deepen their practice. No previous yoga experience is necessary but child-like curiosity and a playful attitude are always encouraged!