Yoga & Pilates Retreat in Nicaragua March 2024 | Now Booking! 

This isn’t just a weekend getaway, it’s a wellness immersion. Do you struggle to prioritize yourself? Do you practice yoga or pilates? You know that “off the mat feeling” where you feel like you can take over the world. Do you want to take this throughout life? This retreat will teach you how! We offer physical movement daily -both active and restorative because you NEED both. We also have meditation and journaling sessions so you can dive deeper into yourself and what’s holding you back. This is more than a retreat, it’s a wellness reset for your nervous system. This retreat will give you tools to prioritize yourself in your daily life. You’ll leave feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and confident!

A Day in the Life...

This retreat is the ultimate vacation for your mind, body, and soul. Each day will be filled with optional group activities that you can join in, or not. All with the main purpose of helping you identify your limiting beliefs, process your tough emotions and learn new ways to manage stress. Not only will there be guided practices, but you’ll have plenty of free time with or without your fellow retreat goers to enjoy all the incredible amenities that the resort has to offer.

Morning Journaling

Each morning we will meet for breakfast. You’ll be given a journal prompt that will coincide with the previous days practice. You can sip your coffee while giving yourself a quiet moment for self-reflection, which will facilitate your movement practice for the day ahead. 


Morning Movement

After you’ve had some time to reflect on your journaling, we’ll have our first movement session of the day. This movement practice will be the more active of the two rotating between Pilates and yoga. Some days we’ll hike down to the beach and do our movement on the beach. And there will be some days where we do our practice in the yoga shala. Each day will be different but will always work in unison with your journal prompts.


Free Time

Throughout the afternoons, you’ll have free time to take advantage of the all the resort has to offer. You and a fellow retreat goer can pick a hike to head up the mountain, or you can take some solo time and head to the beach for some sun and relaxation. There’s also going to be days where we have group activities, again take or pick. You can come with us and take a group cooking class. We’ll go to the gardens and the farms to pick all the fresh food and bring it back to cook together. Or join us for our spa day where you can claim your spa treatment that’s included in your package. Free time is about you soaking up the amazing amenities available to you. 


Afternoon Movement Practice

This session will be more calm. Think stretch focused Pilates, yoga Nidra or Yin yoga. These are meant for relaxation, reseting, deep restorative practices. We will tie in our journaling and morning session into the calming movements of this practice.

Evening Activities

Our evening activities will range from sunset grounding meditations to beach bonfires where we’ll burn our limiting beliefs and let go of what is holding us back. As with all of the group activities, these are optional.  These events will be made to close out your day, to lead you to the next and help you move through any lingering stuck emotions. Each item on the itenerary is interchangable and your absence of one won’t hinder your journey through the week. 


Join us for the ultimate wellness yoga & pilates retreat at the Condé Nast Traveler (2023 Readers’ Choice Award-Winning Resort in Nicaragua)


Rancho Santana

Tola, Nicaragua


March 6th – 11th, 2024

  • Morning – Meditation/Journaling, Pilates and yoga classes

  • Free time to explore all the resort amenities

  • Group Meals

  • Evening Pilates and yoga classes


Because you deserve it.

What Your Yoga & Pilates Retreat Experience Includes

Mindful Movement

Often when we’re exercising we find ourselves moving without consciously noticing what our bodies are ACTUALLY doing. In our Pilates and yoga sessions included with your package, you will not only strengthen your body and improve mobility, you will be encouraged to look beyond the movements and tune in to your entire being in order to cultivate a better understanding of yourself, body, mind, and soul. 


 Inner Peace

Did you know that meditation changes your brain?? It’s true! Those who meditate even for five minutes every day have different brains than those who don’t, including better focus and better memory. Explore the profound benefits of daily meditation practices included in your package, allowing you to find the calm, clarity and resilience you’ve been seeking. 


Reconnecting With Yourself

As we move through our lives, our connection with ourselves often becomes lost in service of others. Obligations of work, family, and daily life cause us to abandon that connection to our inner self. Use this valuable time to reconnect with your true self, set intentions, and boundaries, and explore personal growth in a supportive and nurturing space.

Nourishing Cuisine

Our retreat will indulge you in a truly nourishing culinary journey. The cuisine has been thoughtfully curated to embrace the harmony of body and mind making every bite a celebration of wellness and mindfulness. Immerse yourself in the goodness of nature’s bounty, and leave feeling nourished inside and out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included with your retreat package.

Empowering Community

Did we just become best friends?? Yep! At our retreat you’ll be surrounded with like-minded individuals who share a passion for Pilates, yoga, and meditation, creating a supportive community that encourages growth and inspiration. Congratulations, you’ve just found your tribe!

Renewed Energy

Renewed Energy: “Put on your own oxygen mask first.” In other words, in order to take care of others you must first take care of yourself. Our program has been created with your exquisite care in mind and will leave you with increased vitality and a restored sense of energy to which will empower you to take on life’s challenges.

rancho santana in nicaragua, home to the wellness retreat
Deeper Awareness

We are bombarded by “input” from outside sources as we move through our lives. From day to day, our attention is often focused on the external and very rarely on the internal. At our retreat you will turn inward in order to cultivate deep self-awareness, empowering you to lead a less reactive, more balanced and  more mindful lifestyle.

Restful Sleep

Ever notice how everything is just that much more difficult when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep? Through the combination of physical activity and relaxation techniques we will transport you to a place where you can achieve more restful and rejuvenating sleep. Insomnia what?

New Day, New Beach

Called Las Cinco Playas in Spanish, Rancho Santana’s five beaches include surfing hotspots, sandcastle-building grounds, and remote swaths of sand. Learn more about our Nicaragua playas.

Playa Santana

Think of Playa Rancho Santana as your beachy home base. Not only does the Clubhouse sit directly on it’s shores, so does the Inn and Residences. Head straight from your suite to the sand in the morning, or make a pitstop at El Cafe for a fresh-made smoothie to go. Sand-free swimming is also within reach-both the Sand Dollar Pool and Residence Pool are nearby- and this is where you’ll saunter on horseback for sunset rides.

Playa Rosada

Named for its pink sand, Playa Rosada provides an eyeful for anyone swimming at the nearby Pool House or grabbing a casual bite at La Boquita. But this isn’t just known for its looks. It’s also famous for its unique left point break, only accessible to surfers staying with us. At low tide, enjoy a walk along the rocks from Playa Rosada back to the Clubhouse at Playa Santana.


Playa Duna

Soak up views of stunning rock formations and the beach’s namesake dune, which is created by winds whipping around the shoreline’s point. But first, you have to get there! Arriving at Playa Duna is a mini-adventure in itself that requires a bit of step-climbing and hiking, but the adventure is well worth it. This is also where you can glide downhill in our adrenaline-pumping sandboarding activity.


Playa Escondida

Here’s a beach for solitary sunbathers or anyone who wants to find peace and quiet to get lost in a good book. It’s not uncommon to have Playa Escondida, aka Rancho Santana’s “hidden beach,” all to yourself. Of course, occasionally you may have to share this pristine shoreline with hatching sea turtles. It’s also home to one of our yoga platforms and guided SUP adventures.

Playa Los Perros

Our most swimmable and kid-friendly beach, Playa Los Perros has white sands and approachable swells. That’s why it’s home to our Surf Shop, which offers lessons, board rentals, and a selection of surf gear. Catch a few waves, then kick back at La Taqueria for tacos, tostadas, and ceviches served with homemade salsas. Wash it all down with fresh fruit juices, beachy cocktails, or a bucket of beers for the table.


Your Yoga & Pilates Retreat Accommodations

King Guestroom

Our one-bedroom/one-bath stay is anything but basic, thanks to a terrace with wraparound ocean views.

  • 1 King bed
  • En suite bathroom
  • Private terrace with wraparound ocean views
  • Wireless internet
  • Sleeps up to 2 (shared bed)

Twin Guestroom

This one-bedroom/one-bath stay has two full beds, plus a terrace with wraparound ocean views.

  • 2 full beds
  • En suite bathroom
  • Private terrace with wraparound ocean views
  • Wireless internet
  • Sleeps up to 2

Ped-a-terre Suite

With a bedroom/bath and an additional seating area, this is the Inn’s largest room.

  • 1 King bed
  • Living area with pull-out sofa bed
  • En suite bathroom
  • Private terrace with wraparound ocean views
  • Sleeps up to 2

Pacific Suite

One bedroom/one bathroom suite with additional seating area, private ocean viewterrace, and soaking tub.


  • 1 King bed
  • Additional seating area
  • En suite bathroom with soaking tub
  • Private terrace with wraparound ocean views
  • Sleeps up to 2

*Flights are not included in the price and are subject to change upon availability. All rooms include a round trip shuttle between the Liberia (LIR) airport to the Rancho Santana Resort.

**These prices are PER PERSON, not PER ROOM. If you have preferences on who you’d like to room with, please contact us here.

The restaurants at Rancho Santana

Everything at Rancho Santana is done with sustainability in mind, including our culinary offerings. Thanks to our Pacific coast location, plus thegardens, orchards, and farm we count among our 2,700 acres, we’re proud to serve locally sourced seafood, farm-fresh produce, and ethically raised meat.

El Café

Stop in to El Café for a coffee or smoothie on your way to class or a morning beach walk.

Open early and conveniently located at the Inn, El Café is the ideal place to start your day. Breakfast burritos, nutrient-dense smoothie bowls, and fresh-squeezed juice are on the menu.

La Taquería

Surf, grab a bite and a beer at La Taquería, rinse, and repeat.

Cap off an epic beach adventure with afternoon tacos and ceviche at this rustic open-air restaurant at Playa Los Perros.

La Boquita

Share a sunset moment and a wood-fired pizza at this casual eatery.

In addition to pizzas, paellas, sushi, and charcuterie are all on the internationally inspired menu here. Grab a seat on the terrace and get a glimpse of Playa Rosada.

La Finca y El Mar

Bring the whole crew or plan for an intimate dinner for two at this fine-dining restaurant.

Come for the catch of the day, stay for the Playa Santana views. Restaurant La Finca y El Mar, located in the Clubhouse, serves locally sourced seafood, grilled meat, and farm-fresh salads—all with Nicaraguan flair.

Nourish Your Soul

From tacos to pastries to farm-to-table, dining at this resort will leave your tastebuds begging for more. With options for all dietary needs, you can expect to find a gourmet meal at any restaurant of your choice.

Menus at Rancho Santana’s restaurant reflect the flavors of the land, the changing of the seasons, and the expert curation of the 5-star chefs .

Yoga & Pilates Retreat in Nicaragua 2024

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Retreat Excursions

Talk about the good life, your stay includes complimentary activities such as sandboarding, birdwatching, monkey scouting, and more!

Sandboard Oceanside Dunes

Zoom down a 22-meter sand dune on an adapted bodyboard on Playa Dunes.

Birdwatching Tour

Nicaragua is home to 750 different species of birds. See how many birds you can spot on this guided tour.

Monkey Scouting

Howlers and capuchins and spider monkeys! Oh my! Spot these facinating creatures in their natural habitat.

Hike Tropical Trails

Grab a hiking trail map and start exploring our tropical terrain, or request a guide who will point out local flora and fauna as you go.

The Spa at El Bosque

Our 6,000-square foot spa and wellness sanctuary is built into Rancho Santana’s rugged hillside, offering visitors a respite from the Nicaraguan sun and surf.

Meet Jillian Minter and Stephanie “Smithy” Smith

Your Yoga & Pilates Retreat Guides



500hr E-RYT


Jillian’s professional management experience revealed that she derived the greatest satisfaction from teaching, mentoring, and positively impacting people’s lives. She has always enjoyed fitness and making a difference in people’s lives. Her experience in such activities as distance running and bootcamp make her a unique instructor when it comes to Pilates and yoga. She combines her various fitness modalities to design programs specific to her clients, helping them reach their goals. 

Jillian took over Pilates + Yoga five years ago after it had been in business for seven years. She brought her passion for keeping seniors active by starting a senior yoga program. She has not only grown the schedule and the number of instructors, but also the community. She has hosted events such as holiday parties, as well as workshops and events for special interests, such as manifestation, essential oils, chakras, astrology, and other topics of interest to the community.

Jillian has been inspired by the insight and guidance of her own yoga and Pilates teachers, as well as the members of the community. She brings this focus and enthusiasm to Pilates + Yoga, where she continues to help you reach your fitness goals.


200hr RYT


A 21-year Las Vegas resident, originally from snowy Toronto, Canada (talk about a change), Smithy discovered yoga late in her professional dance career when she realized her body wasn’t loving the stage life as much as she did. What originally started as a method to strengthen and maintain her body—and hopefully reverse some of the damage dancing had done—became a deep love of the practice.

So when Smithy was offered the chance to attend yoga teacher training, she rolled up her mat and leapt in feet first. Training taught her there was so much more to yoga than she ever thought, and she couldn’t wait to share the practice with others in a meaningful and approachable way. Soon after completing her yoga teacher training, Smithy became fascinated with the nervous system in relation to grief, trauma, and stress and dove deep into the vital role yoga plays in the process of moving through difficult experiences and rebalancing the nervous system. Today, she loves nothing more than helping others heal, restore, rebalance, and tap into the power of play through the practice of yoga. When she’s not on her mat, she’s most likely snuggling her two fur babies, Zoey and Bob or enthusiastically watching a hockey game (go knights go!).


Is Nicaragua safe?

Yes! In the last several decades it has become the safest country in the region, outdoing both Costa Rica and Panama. Tourists should always use normal, common sense when traveling around Nicaragua.

Is Rancho Santana safe?

Absolutely. Rancho Santana is a private, gated community. The facilities and amenities are for the sole use of property owners and resort guests.

Do I need a passport to travel to Nicaragua?

Yes. To enter Nicaragua, a passport with 6 months validity is required. Visitors traveling from the US, Canada, and EU countries are not required to obtain a visa in advance.

What should I pack?

Rancho Santana is a casual beach community. There is no dress code on the property. We recommend packing sneakers or other closed-toed athletic shoes if you plan on participating in any of the activities and excursions.

All accommodations are stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a hairdryer. Complimentary laundry services are provided for linens and towels. Personal items can also be laundered. Laundry is $20 per load.

 We recommend bringing the following:

  1. Natural sunscreen or sun protection
  2. Natural bug repellent for the evenings
  3. Refillable water bottle
  4. Rain jacket only from May to November
  5. Hiking shoes or sandals
  6. Camera or smartphone
  7. Flip flops and swimwear of course
  8. Personal pharmaceuticals: Any allergy or anti-itch cream if you wish and any prescription medication that you need
  9. Health care items and/or feminine products
  10. Earplugs & eyemask (if you are in a shared room)
Do I need to bring my yoga mat?

Yoga mats, resistance bands, blocks & balls are all provided at the resort so no need to take up luggage space! But of course, you’re more than welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Are flights included?

Flights are not included. We recommend booking flights into Liberia (LIR) airport. However, a shuttle bus from the Liberia (LIR) airport to the Rancho Santana resort IS INCLUDED in your price. 

Are yoga, Pilates & meditation classes included?

YES! All yoga, Pilates & meditation classes are included with your stay. We will be embarking on a beautiful journey to dive deeper into ourselves and each class will assist you in feeling your absolute BEST!

Are children allowed?

Children are permitted on the resort property, however, during group classes they are not. Take time to carefully consider bringing children as there are no childcare services provided at the resort.

In case of an emergency, what kind of medical services are nearby?

Rancho Santana underwrites the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, located just outside of our main gate. The Clinic is fully equipped to handle any vacation-related injury or illness. If an issue requires additional attention, we can assist with transportation to a regional hospital in Managua.

Is there clean drinking water?

Rancho Santana’s state-of-the-art water purification system provides clean drinking water from our own fresh wells. Bottled water is also available at La Tienda and in all accommodations.

Is there WiFi?

Complimentary high-speed internet is available at all accommodations and clubhouses.

What is the local currency?

The local currency is cordobas. The US dollar and US credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in Nicaragua. Rancho Santana uses a cashless system for goods and services purchased on the property or arranged by our staff unless otherwise noted. Upon your arrival, you will open an account and everything, including off-property excursions, can be charged back to your room. Rancho Santana accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you find yourself needing cash, Concierge can provide up to $100 for a $5 fee. Currency conversion rates can be found at XE Currency Converter. 

What meals are included?

All onsite restaurants are included in your stay. That means breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can choose from any of the four 5 star restuarants

Is there a daily itinerary to follow?

While we will have a daily itinerary, nothing is mandatory for you to attend. So if you decide to book spa treatments or excursions, you have full freedom to do so.

Exact times will change as the trip approaches, but a typical resort day will look something like this:

7am – Group Journaling & coffee

8am – Mindful Meditation Class

9am – Pilates/yoga Class

10am-4pm – Free time (Spa Treatment, Beach, Horseback Riding, Group lunch, Surfing, Foodie Garden Tour-you name it, they’ve got it!)

4pm – Pilates/yoga Class

6pm – Group Dinner

Will there be alcoholic beverages available?

Alcoholic beverages are provided but are not included in your resort package and must be purchased as a separate charge.

Questions? Ready to book?

Drop us a line