L’Nyssa graduated from our very own 450-hour Pilates Method Alliance teacher training.

She has a love for Pilates due to her own struggles with chronic low back pain and spondylolisthesis. She had minor back surgery in 2007, and because she’s an avid golfer, it was very important to her to be able to increase spinal flexibility, mobility, and stability without major discomfort. She had tried many alternative treatments over the years, but found Pilates to be the only thing that offered the most pain relief and quickest results.   

L’Nyssa is a creative resource for ways to take Pilates out of the studio and include movements throughout the day. Working as a full-time speech pathologist for the school district, L’Nyssa must sit for long periods, so she incorporates Pilates core movement into her day to help avoid back pain and maintain her strength.

L’Nyssa has a bright, positive attitude and enjoys sharing her passion and personal experience with Pilates students.