Raised in Sarasota, FL, Ali has called fabulous Las Vegas home since 2001.

Growing up as an elite gymnast and competitive dancer, she found herself suffering from chronic pain from compound injuries over the years. As well as, being a 2-time cervical cancer survivor. As an alternative to debilitating surgeries, Ali sought out other options to heal her body.

First it began with living a more holistic lifestyle through nutrition, then using essential oils to heal her body. Then her love for yoga came. After feeling and seeing the effects that yoga had on her mind, body, & soul, she decided to get certified in ZFlow 200-hour power yoga, Aromatherapy, Trauma Recovery Yoga, Yin, YinFused with trigger rolling, and Hands-On assist.

Ali focuses on a mind, body, soul experience in her classes. She wants yoga to be a space for anyone and everyone. “Yoga and oils has become such a crucial part of my recovery. I want everyone to experience what I have; and that is, your injuries, your sickness, your negative thoughts don’t rule you. You will leave my class feeling renewed, recharged, and restored.”