Monthly Unlimited Memberships

Yoga, Pilates Mat, and Barre Classes

Reformer/Apparatus Classes

Includes all Yoga, Mat, and Barre classes at no extra cost.

Credit Packages

Yoga, Mat, and Barre classes are one credit; Reformer/Apparatus classes are two credits

Credits expire six months after the date of purchase.

Community Classes taught by our teacher trainees

Cancellation Policies For Membership, Class Packs, and Privates

* We have a strict 12-hour cancellation policy for group classes and 24-hour cancellation policy for privates. NO EXCEPTIONS.

This ensures that we are able to provide all wait listed clients and those looking to switch to earlier or later class times with ample notification of a class opening and are able to plan their workouts in accordance to their daily schedules. This also gives our instructors time to contact their wait list clients and fill any openings.

* All members will incur a $15 late fee for any class not cancelled within 12 hours. All no shows will be charged a $25 no show fee. 

You can cancel classes online through the Mindbody website or app.

* Private Sessions will be charge for any class not cancelled within 24 hours.

The cancellation policy allows us to provide all our clients with sufficient notification of a class opening so they can plan their workouts within their daily schedules. It also gives our instructors 12 hours to fill any openings by contacting their wait-list clients.

* Unlimited Memberships will incur a $15 late fee for any class not cancelled within 24 hours.

No Show Policy:

Pilates+Yoga requires a 24-hour cancellation for all class reservations. For reservations cancelled less than 24 hours before the class or for reservations which are not attended, a fee of $15 per class will be charged to the student’s credit card on file. You can cancel classes anytime by calling, emailing, online through Mindbody, or on the Mindbody app.

Cancellation Policy:

A 30-day cancellations policy applies to all memberships. Cancellations must be submitted via email or certified mail.  Membership will continue at the auto-pay price, regardless of pricing changes at the studio (student will be “grandfathered” into the current price), indefinitely until a cancellation letter is received.

All sales are final and there are no refunds.

Thank you!