Pilates Yoga Las Vegas Jillian Minter

A Nevada native, Jillian has always liked various fitness activities, like distance running and bootcamp.

She came to yoga five years ago as a way to balance out her participation in endurance sports. She was happy to find herself experiencing fewer injuries.

In yoga she also found continuing challenges, as well as the meditative aspect that spoke to her own spiritual journey. She learned that yoga is really about integrating the body and mind to be able to face a changing world with a calm and centered mind.

Jillian has 10 years of management experience and has worked to build countless brands in her career. As a result of her management experiences she discovered that she derived the greatest satisfaction from teaching and mentoring, making a difference in people’s lives.

Jillian has been inspired by the insight and guidance of her own yoga teachers and by the yoga community.

Now she brings this enthusiasm to Pilates + Yoga, where she has plans for continuing to improve the studio to help you reach your fitness goals.