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Pilates Reformer and Mat Certification Cost: Only $3,899*

Pilates Mat Certification Cost: $799*


A 450-hour comprehensive training course on the Pilates Method including Pilates Mat, Pilates Apparatus/Reformer, Cadillac Reformer, Sunda Chair, and the Ladder Barrel. The course is based on and meets the requirements of the Pilates Method Alliance.  After completion of the course and testing, you will be certified to teach nationwide.  This course is lead be a certified PMA director and will also prepare you and allow you to take the PMA test.Course content includes:

History and Philosophy of Pilates
Pilates Anatomy
Business Ethics
Code of Ethics
Precautions and Contraindications
With instructions for learning all forms of:
Pilates Mat
Pilates Apparatus/Reformer
Cadillac Reformer
Sunda Chair
Wunda Chair
Ladder Barrel

The course is divided into sections of in-class training hours, as well as personal practice hours, observation hours, student teaching and written assessments. There will be weekly homework assignments and progress quizzes. Throughout the course, students will independently work on their self-practice, observation and teaching hours. The studio will be available for them during hours of operation.

Instructor: Jodi Tallo / Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training

Program hours:

100 – In class training hours including mat, reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel, & other props
50 – At home study, homework, observation via videos
150 – Student Teaching Hours
150 – Self Practice Hours/ In class observation

* PLEASE NOTE: All teacher training is nonrefundable. If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing your teacher training program. 

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My wife and I have been taking Pilates from Jillian for 10 months, I am inspired by her knowledge and capacity to limber and strengthen our bodies, all the while, "Making it Happen Safely"!

My wife and I have seeing amazing improvement in our abilities to stretch and noticeable improvement in over all muscle strength.

I never would have thought I could feel this strong and comfortable with my body as I approach my 72nd birthday!

"More than half-way through teacher training. Loving it. Jodi is a great instructor, very accommodating. I was worried about my work schedule conflicting with training, but she has worked around my conflicts. All of the instructors are there to help me when I have questions and Jodi has made herself available to answer all my questions. Learning mat, reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, ladder barrel, and spine corrector. Enjoying every class I have attended so far and feeling stronger every day!" - Mary O.
"Las Vegas Pilates + Yoga has been a great addition to my off season training! It is an amazing way to strengthen core and stabilizing muscles while being very easy on the joints. I highly recommend Jillian and her great staff to anyone...from pro athlete to the everyday person trying to better their health!" - Evan H