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About our studio

Discover the ultimate eco-friendly, all-inclusive Vegas boutique studio
Pilates Apparatus, Yoga, & Barre sculpt your perfect mind, body, and soul!
  • Our floor studio is the ultimate eco-friendly studio with bamboo flooring, low-voc paint and dimming sconces.
  • Our apparatus studio is stocked with Balanced Body Allegro Reformers, Pilates Arcs, Ladder-Barrel, Cadillacs, and EXO chairs, considered to be the best available!
  • Offering a variety of classes each week at various times during the day, we provide the convenience you crave. We have something to motivate you!
  • The instructors of PILATES+YOGA are some of the best, well-trained instructors on the West Coast! Movement is a lifestyle and a career for our instructors, not just a hobby.

Our Instructors

The instructors of PILATES+YOGA are some of the best, well-trained instructors on the West Coast! We require all of our Pilates Mat and Yoga instructors to have 200+ hour certifications and all Apparatus instructors to have 500+ hour comprehensive certifications and many have completed trainings at well over 1000 hours. In addition to requiring the higher levels of certification, we also only recognize the certifications that Pilates Method Alliance and Yoga Alliance recognize, assuring that our instructors are the very best! All our instructors have over 10 years of experience in movement, whether that is Yoga, Pilates, Dance, or other artistic expressions of movement. Movement is a lifestyle and a career for our instructors, not a part-time hobby!
Jillian Minter Owner
A Nevada native, Jillian has always liked various fitness activities, like distance running and bootcamp. She came to yoga five years ago as a way to balance out her participation in endurance sports. She was happy to find herself experiencing fewer injuries. In yoga she also found continuing challenges, as well as the meditative aspect that spoke to her own spiritual journey. She learned that yoga is really about integrating the body and mind to be able to face a changing world with a calm and centered mind. Jillian has 10 years of management experience and has worked to build countless brands in her career. As a result of her management experiences she discovered that she derived the greatest satisfaction from teaching and mentoring, making a difference in people’s lives. Jillian has been inspired by the insight and guidance of her own yoga teachers and by the yoga community. Now she brings this enthusiasm to Pilates + Yoga, where she has plans for continuing to improve the studio to help you reach your fitness goals.
Jodi Tallo
Pilates, Pilates Reformer & Yoga – Jodi’s passion for Pilates and yoga goes back nearly a decade! As an avid rock climber and ultrarunner, Jodi began incorporating Pilates into her exercise program as cross training. Within weeks, she noticed a major difference in her strength and athletic performance. Since then, her passion for yoga and Pilates has continued to grow. She acquired her 200-hour yoga certification, barre certification, 450-hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification and became PMA certified. With all of this experience under her belt, she opened her own Pilates and yoga studio in 2010. After completing a second Pilates certification, she created her own comprehensive teacher training program under the guidelines of the Pilates Method Alliance. She has trained over a dozen instructors in the Las Vegas area. After five years of ownership, she decided to take a break. Not much time had passed before she found herself back in the health and wellness world! Since then, she has completed the Lagree Method Megaformer Certification. She continues everyday, to educate herself on body mechanics, awareness and nutrition, for herself and her clients. \”The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.\” — Robert Greene, Mastery
Mary Jane Klienman
Teacher Trainer – Founder of Pilates Hanalei, a professional, state-of-art Pilates and Gyrotonic Studio in the heart of Hanalei, Kauai- Mary Jane Kleiman brought years of Pilates, Fitness Instruction, Yoga and Gyrotonic Instruction to Kauai. In the 1990’s, she created launched the first –ever group Pilates Classes on the island. Mary Jane Kleiman started her career as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, incorporating biomechanics, anatomy and kinesiology, further increasing the quality and safety of her teachings. Mary Jane Kleiman has received her multiple Pilates Certifications through Polestar, Stott, and Peak Pilates. She was invited to become a Master Trainer with Peak Pilates and studied with amazing Master Trainers Coleen Glenn, co-founder of the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance ) and Ana Caban, Pilates Video Star. Mary Jane Kleiman is committed to providing high quality instruction to help her clients reach their fitness goals safely and effectively.
Samantha Bellerson
Yoga – Samantha currently holds her E-YRT200/YRT500 and a certificate in Thai Yoga. She has well over 2000 hours of teaching classes. She teaches workshops on Chakras, meditation, alignment, and more. She has also has extensive experience doing private sessions, helping clients with everything from coping with cancer, stress management, back injuries, and much more. Samantha uses a chakra based system to address dis-ease (injury) in the body; gently and effectively treating pain and discomfort on physical and metaphysical levels. As a Yoga Instructor Samantha has learned that her success is contingent on relationships. Samantha believes it is important to get to know students, listen carefully to their needs, and provide them with a supportive and exceptional experience.
Ashley Mangold
Yoga, Pilates & Pilates Reformer – Ashley began taking yoga classes in 2009 and absolutely loved them! She finished her 200-hour teacher training at All About Yoga in January of 2012. Since then she has completed her 500-hour teacher training with YogaWorks in 2015. She has also taken a 100-hour course with Maty Ezraty the founder of YogaWorks. She completed her Pilates certification in 2016 in both mat and apparatus. She has been teaching since 2012 and has over 1,000 hours of teaching experience. Ashley has experience teaching Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Restorative, Chair Yoga, Ashtanga (both Mysore and Led), and Pilates (both mat and reformer). She enjoys learning about every aspect of yoga and Pilates and incorporating them both on and off the mat. Her personal practice is in Ashtanga Yoga and she has been practicing primary and intermediate series. In her classes you will find a combination of both the YogaWorks format and Ashtanga woven together. Ashley prefers to find creative drills to understand the postures and foundational asanas to create an experience unique to the student. Be prepared for a light and energetic class! For more information, you can go to AnmYoga.com. Her Pilates training was in the classical format and she prefers to take classes like that. Her teaching style is classical with the occasional variations to spice things up! She can give a total body Pilates experience or she can create classes that focuses on certain areas
Tiffany Christenson
Yoga, Pilates Mat & Pilates Reformer – Tiffany Christeson started yoga and pilates as a physical practice, but ended up embracing them for their ability to provide mental and physical clarity. She teaches today to provide the same healing to students that she has and continues to receive. In yoga and pilates she finds strength, peace, and unity between body and mind. Tiffany integrates her light hearted humor and passion for life in each class, encouraging students to explore and create their own unique practice. She is RYT-500 and specializes in Restorative and Beginner yoga classes as well as Pilates Reformer and Pilates Bootcamp classes. Tiffany tailors her yoga classes to fit each student individually, focusing on alignment, breath, and mindful movement. Her pilates classes incorporate traditional pilates with modern pilates movements, exploring both reformer and mat to ensure variety and sweaty fun while strengthening total body and mind!
Tetiana Klee
Pilates & Pilates Reformer – Tetiana Klee brings an unusual perspective to Pilates. After suffering a back injury in her native Ukraine and being told she had to undergo surgery, Tetiana began to take Pilates and ended up not having to have the surgery at all. Pilates gave her the best experience because it was the easiest for her back. And Pilates taught her to pay attention to the position of her spine throughout her daily life. Now she gives special attention to students with injuries–particularly those with back injuries– and she insures her students move slowly and use correct form. Tetiana varies her classes frequently so that students always get a fresh experience. She describes her Pilates style as calm and classic, with a gentle flow to the movements. With her new awareness of her back, Tetiana is hoping to become a yoga instructor.
Stephanie Mangual
Pilates & Pilates Reformer – Stephanie Mangual is a recent addition to the Pilates + Yoga teacher roster but health and fitness have been her priority for quite some time now. Seven years ago Stephanie quit smoking and started running. Three years, many miles and 40 less pounds later, Stephanie took her first Pilates class. She immediately fell in love with the practice and after countless classes as a student, Stephanie became certified to teach. She has found her commitment to Pilates benefits all aspects of her life. Pilates has made her a stronger runner and she has found that it balances the bad posture effects of driving around all day as a Real Estate Agent. A Las Vegas native, Stephanie has built a successful Real Estate career and will continue to enhance her Pilates instruction with the same principles of education, strong communication and customer service.


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