Alyson’s daily yoga practice began about three years ago when she realized she was beginning to have difficulty lifting things.

It also had become clear that she struggled with balance. Wanting to build strength and balance gently, Alyson began to practice yoga at home, sometimes multiple times a day. When after six months she was able to hold a tree pose, she cried as she reached her arms up and back down to her heart.

Her love for the practice continued, and she began to be interested in retreats and immersive programs where she felt like she could both take a vacation and do lots of yoga with other like-minded enthusiasts.

After an experience at a women’s yoga retreat, Alyson was called to go to Tuscany, Italy to attend the Lakshmi Rising School of Yoga and Wellness, where Liz Lindh, a doctor of Chinese medicine, is the creator and teacher. The program includes meditation, dance, and a holistic approach to yoga for wellness. Eastern medicine continues to resonate with Alyson.

With her 200-hour teacher training completed, Alyson quickly followed up her education with a certificate to teach Accessible Yoga, created by Jivana Heymen. This training, offered all over the world, holds an annual conference. The program strives to make the yoga class for everyone, regardless of ability or income. Alyson and the other students learned to teach from a chair, to people who may take their class against the wall, on the floor, in a chair, or standing. Students also learned a bed yoga practice and yoga nidra. 

Accessible yoga appeals to Alyson because she believes that every person can benefit from yoga, no matter body type or physical capabilities. She creates an inclusive environment in her classes. She truly believes that the practice of yoga is a beacon of light in which everyone can shine.