About Paige Elizabeth

Paige struggled with an eating disorder and depression from an early age, so she made it her mission to change her body chemistry and thus change her reality. She began
her journey in mastery and healing and research into the energetic realm. She discovered Ashtanga yoga, which has served as a daily ritual to weave her inner and outer worlds together.
Paige is certified as a massage therapist and has a degree in Business Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She left the Vegas nightlife service industry to start her own enterprise, Vertical Art and Fitness magazine. The publication later became an online forum after gaining a name for itself in the pole dance industry.
Paige has dedicated her life to understanding the patterns that we live our lives by and how to break them (psychologically, emotionally and physically) so that we are free to live and create what we truly desire. She teaches and mentors from a place of pure experience and everything she shares has already been exercised and integrated firsthand.