Yoga has been a part of Shannon’s life for the past 15 years, but only in the last few years did her practice evolve into something magical and life-changing.

This practice has helped her grow to be stronger, more flexible, and fearless. It has given her a confidence that she didn’t know she had. Yoga inspires her to live each moment more mindfully.

Shannon is a certified Buti Yoga Instructor since March 2018, and also a certified 200-hour RYT in vinyasa. In her classes, you can expect to dig into the postural roots of yoga to expand and evolve your practice.

In her restorative class you can expect to be led through a very relaxing, gentle, nourishing practice. Shannon likes to incorporate doTerra essential oils in her class because she believes in the benefits of aromatherapy. She leads you through a guided meditation for part of the class to help you go deeper into meditation, allowing for a genuine restorative experience.