Aubrey graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts as a Dance Major, where she began to find her voice as an artist, a mover, and as an instructor.

After graduation, she continued to explore movement; she attended esteemed dance programs, including training with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. During this time, she taught various forms of dance to all ages and worked on her own choreographic projects. While studying dance, she found a passion for the Pilates repertoire, as she felt it heal her body and reinvigorate her mind and spirit. She completed her 500-hour Comprehensive Certification through Balanced Body University.

Also an avid lover of literature and the written word, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Valuing our shared humanity above all else, she enjoys time well spent connecting with others–device-free. An eclectic music-obsessive at heart, Aubrey is often found listening to an array of music from soul to new wave, which she uses it to inspire her movement and teaching.