About the studio…

Pilates + Yoga is a Las Vegas boutique studio serving a specialized clientele: you! Unlike a gym or a larger studio, our more intimate setting allows us to adapt to your needs and wants in a calmer, more focused environment. We are committed to each member’s personal practice–whether your goal is to sculpt your body or to attain flexibility–or both!

Our smaller studio contributes to your sense of peace–making for a getaway experience that refreshes and energizes your day. One of our exciting plans for the new year is developing our yoga program to include more classes–and even teacher trainings.

Our attention to you extends to all the props and equipment. We have all the state-of-the-art props and equipment you could ever want: reformers, bolsters, bands, straps, small balls, stability balls, blankets and more!

Our floor studio is the ultimate eco-friendly studio with bamboo flooring. Our apparatus studio is stocked with Balanced Body Allegro Reformers, Pilates Arcs, Ladder-Barrel, Cadillacs, and EXO chairs, considered to be the best available!

For reformer classes we choose which style to teach based on the number of students who attend, their levels of experience, and the equipment they most want to use: we adapt to your needs and wants!

Offering a variety of classes each week at various times during the day, we provide the convenience you crave.

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