$80 for full series before October 15th
$100 for full series after October 15th

Presented by Jennifer Lier, Heather Burdette, and Jillian Minter.

Have you ever experienced a desire for something and then suddenly, you stumbled right into it?

Or maybe you’ve thought of a friend and a moment later the phone started ringing, with that very friend on the line?

Conversely, have you ever wanted something so bad and no matter how hard you tried to attain it, it always eluded you?

Sometimes we can manifest something so effortlessly, and other times it seems elusive. Have you ever intuitively felt that you KNOW there’s something to this manifestation practice but you’re not quite sure why it’s not working for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you.

This is not a religion-based course. The information taught in this series will give you a personal instruction booklet if you will, a guideline of practice to help you unlock your ability to consciously create the life you desire and to stop getting trapped in patterns that block the miracles coming to you.

And, if you don’t know what you desire or have passion for, this course will set you on a path to discover your passions. You will learn tools to guide you on your journey while being in a supportive environment of likeminded community.

One thing that makes this course different – with loving support, we will end each session with a group focus meditation where you will have the group focusing in on behalf of your desires.

With step by step instruction, this dynamic course will build from session to session, giving you a transformational experience that empowers you to take control of your life and happiness.

NOVEMBER – 11/3/19
Bountiful Blessings: Introduction to Manifestation

During this transformative first session you’ll learn and experience:

The power of movement and breath.
Transcending energy moving meditation to get and stay grounded.
Main Topic – The Foundation and Principles of Manifestation.
What manifestation is, what it is not, and how to keep balance.
The unique, supportive feeling of group manifestation.
A practical review for the experienced and an excellent beginning for those new to the practice.
You’re not crazy, It’s planetary!
A brief explanation of the current cosmic alignments, where they’re going, and how this is likely to help or hinder you in the coming months. You will learn your best strategies on how to either dive into or circumvent this experience for your best personal outcome.
Group Manifestation.

DECEMBER – 12/8/19
Gift Yourself First: Staying Centered at Crazy Times

Are there times you’ve felt unbalanced and you’re not quite sure how to get yourself back in alignment? Maybe you have a great flow with your life and then all of a sudden there’s a bump in the road you weren’t expecting. Or maybe you have flow in one area and not the other. Sometimes we get caught up in circumstances and we forget that we are ultimately in charge. The second session will teach you best practices for getting grounded, staying grounded and returning to clarity and alignment when life takes over.

In the second session, you’ll learn and experience:

The power of movement and breath.
Transcending energy moving meditation to get and stay grounded
Main Topic – Best Practices for Staying in Momentum When Life Happens
How to pull yourself out of a negative cycle (story vs what happened).
How to overcome negative self-talk. How to change your future right now.
How to detach from outcomes (change your focus).
How to create your future. Why daydreaming is important – (not just something you got in trouble for as a kid!)
You’re not crazy, It’s planetary!
Group Manifestation.

JANUARY – 1/5/20
New Year, New You: Conscious Goal-setting

We can sometimes have goals and desires for our new year that aren’t met so they’re rolled over into the next year. This session will guide and empower you through a goal-setting process that will not only show you where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go, most importantly it will inspire you to see that your goals are attainable and will give you the roadmap to get there.

In this third session, you’ll learn and experience:

The power of movement and breath.
Transcending energy moving meditation to get and stay grounded.
Main topic – Conscious Goal Setting – Where you Are, Where You’ve Been, and Where You Want to Go.
This is not your typical school or work goal-setting, this is transformative goal setting that shows you exactly where you are to empower you to make strides towards your ultimate goals.
You’re not Crazy, It’s Planetary.
Group Manifestation.
Q & A

FEBRUARY – 2/2/20
Breaking the Groundhog Day Cycle: Taking Back Your Power

We all have life-time themes and challenges to overcome. This session will give awareness to your journey, empower you to stop any cycles showing up help you realize you are in charge of creating a new experience.

In this fourth and final session in our series, you will learn and experience:

The power of movement and breath.
Transcending energy moving meditation to get and stay grounded.
Main topic: Forgiveness.
Discovering your blocks and blind spots and developing the skill take back your power by forgiveness of self and others. We’ll focus on freeing oneself from mental or emotional blocks to create momentum and move toward your desires.
You’re not Crazy, It’s Planetary!
Group Manifestation.
Q & A

*Please be aware that this is a spiritual exploration series and that no hard or tangible results can be guaranteed. We encourage you to come with an open mind and heart, understanding that your mileage may vary.

Heather Burdette

A “closet practitioner” of spiritual exercises and astrology for 20 years, Heather seeks and shares practical and tangible ways to blend the spiritual with “normal” life, with often astonishing results.

Jennifer Lier

As a lifetime seeker of spiritual growth, Jennifer Lier attributes all of her success in life to her walk down this path. She has studied multiple practices and modalities of healing and spirituality, combining this with a traditional Christian belief. It is Jennifer‘s understanding that everything can be combined and that manifestation is a divine right, not a separation of secular or nonsecular belief. Jennifer integrates her practices into daily life and loves teaches this connection and understanding to others.